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Heat related IT failure solution

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AMERICAN Power Conversion (APC) has launched a cooling solution to resolve the problem of heat related failure in Australian IT environments.

Heat related failures are quickly becoming the number one cause of network downtime, according to APC.

APC's cooling system is the latest addition to its InfraStruXure data centre physical architecture.

Precision air conditioning, air distribution, and air removal systems, are applied to cool down the heat generated by IT equipment while consuming power, avoiding system failure leading to data loss, hardware damages and network downtime.

The cooling solutions are room and rack-based, allowing businesses to grow IT loads to as much as 8kW per rack. This is significantly more than the 2kW capacity available in a traditional raised floor environment. APC's cooling solutions start at 1.5kW and scale to 210kW.

Key features include:

* NetworkAIR FM - modular floor mount precision air conditioning for environmentally sensitive equipment areas.

NetworkAIR FM replaces traditional belts and pulley designs with direct drive fan systems and uses a tandem compressor technology - increasing the cooling efficiency and lowering maintenance costs.

The IT or data centre manager can remotely identify the status of the unit and control cooling and power from a single monitor by using APC's ISX Manager software.

An innovative coil design delivers higher efficiency and lower operating costs through use of a dedicated dehumidification cycle. This results in energy savings when dehumidifying and during normal operation.

NetworkAIR FM is available in 35, 40 and 50kW modules. Up to twelve units can be connected together to add cooling capacity as needed. NetworkAIR FM is a pay as you grow design, enabling the IT manager to scale the cooling solution as their IT requirement grows, thereby saving on capital and operating expenditures.

* Rack air distribution unit - air distribution for power dense enclosures and low pressure areas.

The rack air distribution unit distributes conditioned air directly into the enclosure. It is a 2U fan unit that stands at the bottom of the rack and works with an existing precision air conditioning system to deliver cool air to the equipment contained in a rack enclosure.

It connects into the raised floor and pulls supply air directly into the enclosure. This prevents the conditioned air from mixing with warmer room air before reaching the equipment.

The unit minimises temperature differences between the top and bottom of the enclosure. It also prevents hot exhaust air from reticulating to the inlet of the enclosure.

The product is recommended for rack enclosures with loads greater than 2kW and can provide airflow for loads up to 4kW. It is also ideal for enclosures in raised floor environments where underfloor air distribution is inadequate due to cable congestion.

* Rack air removal unit - heat removal for high density enclosures.

The air removal unit is the only manageable rack heat removal in the market. It replaces the back door of the rack and draws in the exhaust heat, ducting it to the return air plenum and eliminating hot spots.

Through automatic fan speed adjustment based on temperature or power consumption, a desired temperature can be set and fans will self-adjust for optimal energy efficiency.

The unit removes up to 8kW of heat per rack, four times more than any traditional room level cooling system. This cooling capacity is needed in highly dense enclosures (such as racks hosting blade servers) where traditional air distribution methods are not effective in avoiding system failures, server crashes and downtime.

The rack air removal unit provides fan redundancy in the event of fan failure, and power redundancy through dual corded input. This space saving product mounts to the back of the enclosure - requiring zero U space

These three products can be used separately or together following the cooling requirements of the server room or data centre.

APC's new InfraStruXure is a data centre physical architecture including reliable power and cooling in a rack optimised design.

Using a modular, manageable, and pre-engineered approach, InfraStruXure allows the selection of standardised components to create a customised solution that provides new answers to typical data centre design and operation issues.

This approach provides the reliability, affordability and predictability of standardised solutions, yet is completely customised to solve specific problems.

InfraStruXure also allows additional capacity to be purchased and installed only when needed thereby limiting waste.

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