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Water resistant ‘hydro-cool’ carton for vegetables

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AMCOR has launched a new hydro-cool carton, the Hydro-Armour range. The carton is submersible and will revolutionise the way hydro-cooled produce is packaged, replacing polystyrene foam boxes, according to the company.

The first product in the range to be released by Amcor is the Hydro-Armour Bean Box. Using new water resistant paper/film laminate technology, the Hydro-Armour Bean Box withstands the high moisture chilling environment of hydro-cooling, used to quickly reduce the field temperature of beans and other vegetables.

Replacing styrofoam boxes with Hydro-Armour delivers significant space savings and logistics efficiency, with more beans per pallet and lower freight costs.

These new cartons eliminate the problem of polystyrene foam fragments being strewn across the floor and the attractive retail 'display ready' presentation will be a valuable addition to any retail store.

"The new Hydro-Armour Bean Box provides significant advantages over polystyrene containers and returnable plastic crates,” said Regional Sales Manager for Amcor Fibre Packaging Queensland, Craig Madden.

“The new laminate technology on solid fibre board offers all the advantages of cartons, plus the additional feature of water resistance. Importantly, they are available when and where you need them, machine erected and ready to use. The Hydro-Armour range of boxes will change the way wet vegetables are packed."

Hydro-Armour is available in black for retail display, or printed to highlight brand products, and is also recyclable. This new product is the latest example of Amcor's commitment to delivering innovative packaging solutions to the fruit and produce sector.

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