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US gets the sack ‘technology’ from Amcor

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AMCOR has reached a license agreement with U.S. based Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation to provide revolutionary milk sack technology.

Under the licensing agreement, Amcor will introduce its innovative milk sack technology, Maxipack and Tear Top, into the North American marketplace.

Chicago, Illinois based Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation is North America’s leading manufacturer of paperboard and paper-based packaging. Smurfit-Stone is a leading producer of multiwall bags, specialty bags, containerboard, corrugated containers, folding cartons, flexible packages, labels, clay-coated recycled boxboard and is the world’s largest collector and marketer of recovered fiber.

Smurfit-Stone Container employs approximately 35,000 people.

Maxipack was developed by Amcor St. Regis Bates, the Australian bulk packaging division of Amcor, and is a multiwall, double block-end sack which maintains high quality, food grade hygienic standards with significantly improved pallet loading and container space utilization. Rather than providing a traditional pouch shaped bag when filled, Maxipack forms a brick-like shape.

The resulting rectangular shape increases space efficiency for warehousing and transport, at the same time maximizing cubic space capacity and stability of pallet loads.

Maxipack features an inner sack produced from specialized polymer extrusions. This inner sack completely separates from the outer paper sack, protecting the inner sack from impurities present during the handling and shipping of the sacks.

Incorporated into the Maxipack design is the Patented Tear Top easy-opening feature, which eliminates the potential product contamination hazards associated with opening filled bags using strings, knives or blades.

With Amcor’s Maxipack and Tear Top technologies, Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation will deliver hygienic, more efficient and more profitable packaging solutions to their North American customers.

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