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Packaging bottlenecks given the wrap

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A new pallet stretch wrapping system from Lantech has overcome bottleneck problems in warehouse pick and pack areas.

Recognising a problem, Lantech developed the S-300XT stretch wrapping machine specifically for order picking areas where hand wrapping of pallets is common but not cost effective.

The automated system increases plant flow and productivity with the elimination of labour intensive double handling of loads. Loads are stable reducing damage to goods in transit.

The S-300XT is already a huge success with warehouse chains in the US and is expected to be a boon to similar Australian and New Zealand operations where productivity as well as health and safety are key issues, according to David Fullerton, business manager for Amcor Stretchwrap Systems

In one typical example, a large regional grocery distribution centre in the US was hand wrapping 600 to 750 order-picked loads a day. The hand wrapped pallets were not stable, resulting in high levels of product damage and customer complaints.

“To overcome this, four S-300XTs were set up side by side in a four-station layout in the loading dock area. A dual pallet truck delivers the loads and they are stretch wrapped simultaneously with the proper load containment force every time. Operator involvement is minimal as the wrapping cycle is activated with a remote lanyard ‘start’ switch,” Fullerton said.

“The result is that the Lantech S-300XT film delivery system ensures consistent load containment. The machine automatically attaches and cuts the film at the end of each wrap cycle so no operator involvement is needed. As the load is secure, it arrives at the customer as despatched reducing product damage and customer complaints.

“The US experience is that the bottlenecks in these highly manual areas disappear, making the whole production flow more smoothly and efficiently. The S-300XT can be set up in different layouts depending on the individual warehouse requirements.,” he said. Amcor Flexibles (03 9555 4122).

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