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Jim Beam Shaped Beverage Can wins Gold Award at 2005 Packaging Awards.

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Amcor Beverage Cans has won gold in the Huhtamaki Design Innovation Award at the 2005 Packaging Awards for its entry Jim Beam Shaped Beverage Can.

What the judges said…

Jim Beam’s extraordinary visual appeal is the result of the desire to offer consumers a unique experience via a premium package, and to match the increasing demand for new and exciting high-end beverages.

This novel and attractive pack is a winner.

The ultimate in shelf impact has been achieved here in a category that is all about personal pleasure and enjoyment experience.

Constant competition and jostling for impact at point-of-sale means this very cluttered category is a demanding one for designers.

Although available for some time overseas, this is the first use of ‘can stretch’ technology here in Australia, and the result sets Jim Beam miles apart from the rest.

This appealing barrel-shaped can invites the consumer to pick it up, attracts a price premium to the product and delivers outstanding impact in its category.

Entry Submitted By

Amcor Beverage Cans

Pack Title

Jim Beam Shaped Beverage Can

Package ID

355ml Can

Package Component Manufacturer

Amcor Beverage Cans

Package Designer Functional

Amcor Beverage Cans, Jim Beam Brands

Package Designer Graphic

Jim Beam Brands , Amcor Beverage Cans

Package Owner

Jim Beam Brands

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