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Amcor Australasia reinvents chilled goods packaging

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article image The ChilliFresh Pack was developed as a sustainable alternative to expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam packs
This article is the third in a new series by Ferret.com.au focussing on practical ways manufacturers can reduce packaging use and embrace more environmentally sustainable packaging materials in warehouses, factories and distribution centres.

Part one, discussing an innovative new stretch film, can be found by clicking here. Part two, which discusses environmentally sustainable beverage trays for the FMCG sector, can be found by clicking here.

So far in this series, the focus has been on relatively new sustainable packaging technologies, but as noted in part one, the packaging industry has been committed to minimising the environmental impact of used packaging materials since the introduction of the first National Packaging Covenant in 1999.

One company that has embraced this push is Amcor , a global packaging supplier that offers a range of plastic, fibre, metal and glass packaging products, along with packaging-related services.

The company states that "as the world's largest packaging company, we have the opportunity to leverage our scale, scope and expertise in responsible packaging to create sustainable value for our customers and contribute to a better world for today and tomorrow."

Evidently, this is a long term project, as the Packaging Council of Australia identified a new generation of packaging solutions developed by the company in its "Australian Packaging - Real Examples of Change & Innovation" report for 2009.

The Amcor Broccoli ChillFresh Pack is designed to allow for the delivery of premium chilled goods in an environmentally sustainable format.

Developed as an alternative to conventional expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam packs, the ChillFresh Pack is made of white PET/paper functional laminate, and incorporates a new patented two-piece carton design which delivers high performance and is moisture and scuff resistant.

The Packaging Council notes that it is typically 30-50% thinner than the equivalent EPS foam packaging wall construction yet is typically 20-30% stronger under ISO (International Organization for Standardization) conditions.

Further, the Broccoli ChillFresh Pack provides:
  • better shelf utilisation
  • premium protection
  • improved insulation; and
  • can handle direct ice packing which eliminates the need for a poly bag liner.
As it can be delivered flat, the ChilliFresh Pack can also assist in lowering transport and storage costs.

Importantly for the Packaging Covenant, the Pack is also recyclable through the current corrugated packaging recycling chain. This is a legacy of Amcor's commitment to systematically evaluating packaging sustainability from a total life cycle perspective, which enables the company to recommend the optimal, and most sustainable, packaging solution for any given purpose.

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