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Different broadband plans devised by Amcom Telecommunications

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Amcom Telecommunications  specialises in providing telecommunication solutions and operates basically with two principle divisions namely the Fibre Division and the Amnet division. Fibre division of Amcom Telecommunications provides telecommunication solutions with the aid of its fibre optic network, while Amnet Division mainly targets SME market by offering voice as well as DSL services.

Fibre Division of Amcom Telecommunications had developed Ethernet cable rollout in the year 1999. Amnet Division of Amcom Telecommunications also provides several other services including sophisticated IT services that include LAN or WAN services as well as ISP services to various corporate and government enterprises.

Amcom Telecommunications offers several broadband plans. These broadband plans have several advantages that include flat monthly fees with no excess charges, download as well as peering allowances included and also ensure non bundling wither with phone lines or VOIP. These broadband plans are also available with free email accounts, free anti-spam as well as anti-virus provision, free personal webspace of about 20 megabytes and free static IP address.

Broadband plans offered by Amcom Telecommunications employ ADSL technology having speeds from 1.5 megabytes to about eight mega bytes. These plans have download speeds at a faster pace. Amcom Telecommunications offers various downloadable speeds on the basis of individual customer requirement. The speed can get generally affected by several factors including phone line quality, hardware as well as distance from the exchange.

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