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Wireless telephony products and paging systems from Commtech Wireless

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Commtech Wireless  is well-known in the entire wireless communication industry for providing a unique range of wireless telephony products. It includes a complete range of CommtechMessenger and the innovative fusion series that can easily be integrated with a wide variety of wireless telephony products such as SpectraLink and Kirk DECT wi-fi wireless telephone systems. It helps producing the ultimate communications systems with unrivalled capabilities.

The entire range of products from Commtech Wireless have the advanced features of various wi-fi and DECT handsets that enable users receiving the message confirmation, call escalation and voice communications.

These wireless products can easily be integrated with high quality messaging systems from Commtech Wireless for enabling cordless telephones to receive text messages with the help of various kinds of messaging software from call points, alarms, fire alarms, slot machines, building management systems and more.

Additionally, users can also dial in to the messaging software. This enables sending messages such as email addresses and pagers to other recipients.

Commtech Wireless also provides a comprehensive range of paging systems. MaxPage is a highly efficient paging system from Commtech Wireless that has the unique capacity of sending up to one thousand pagers.

It can send text, numeric as well as voice pagers. Commtech Wireless provides MaxPage paging system with four alarm inputs and a windows interface for smooth operation.

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