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Wireless paging systems from Commtech Wireless

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Commtech Wireless  offers a wide range of wireless messaging products to stay in contact with staff and customers. Paging systems has features such as waiter call systems, customer alert and POS integration.

The patron call systems from Commtech Wireless provide restaurants, bars and bistros with a method of contacting customers. For instance, the systems alerts the customers when their meal is ready or their table has been prepared etc. The MAXPage Lite is a wireless paging system that is easy to use and offers reliable paging system. The paging systems are a cost effective solution that help in reducing waiting period and eliminates noisy overhead paging.

Commtech Wireless offer wireless telephony that includes features such as alarm monitoring, two-way messaging and task allocation. CommtechMessenger and the Fusion series from Commtech Wireless integrate with various wireless telephony products, including Kirk DECT and SpectraLink Wi-Fi systems to produce effective communications systems.

Commtech Wireless solutions range from the slot machine management at Wynn Casino in Macau and the nurse call monitoring at Epworth Hospital, Australia to the patron call system at TGI Friday, Utah and the SpectraLink cordless handset integration at FAO Schwarz, New York City.

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