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Alarm paging and central control modules from Commtech Wireless

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The alarm paging modules offered by Commtech Wireless are suitable for providing sixteen alarm inputs that can collect data from various sources ranging from building managements systems to fire and security alarms. These alarm paging modules from Commtech Wireless help expanding the number and quantity of dry-contact or opto-coupled inputs on the system. This works like an ideal messaging solution for the businesses.

It becomes easy to track as well as analyse the data from all the events of alarm that have been generated so far, if this alarm paging module is connected to the CommtechMessenger from Commtech Wireless.

This alarm dispatch module of an alarm paging module enables escalation paths to be configured easily for all the events of alarm. It also helps disabling as well as latching the messaging inputs. It also helps allowing the pulsing to be started as used in the nurse call systems. Thus, an alarm paging module can provide thirty two units effectively with the facility of displaying a different message at the time of receiving a pulse signal.

The central control modules provided by Commtech Wireless are ideal to support many products such as SMS and many more. These central control modules from Commtech Wireless are highly capable and can take the information from anywhere to process it and deliver in the right format.

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