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Ambit supplies flow and temperature measuring instruments

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Ambit Instruments  was established in 1980 and has its head office in Victoria. The company supplies quality industrial instrumentation products for measuring pressure, liquid levels, flow and temperature, and various kinds of valves. Ambit takes pride in the uncompromising and uniformly high quality of its industrial instruments.

The various kinds of flow measuring instruments from Ambit are flowmeters with switch option, sensor manifolds, multichannel receivers, electronic meters including panels and readouts, non electrical liquid flow indicators, switches and valves, to mention a few. Additionally, for small flows of gases or liquids, flow switches with a maximum of three quarter inch ports are available.

Temperature measuring instruments available from Ambit are stated to be products from some of the best manufacturers in the world. The various types of temperature measuring instruments supplied by the company include temperature transmitters, bi-metal dial thermometers, thermal mixing valve test kits, digital thermometers, mil-spec thermometers, temperature recorders, filled system thermometers, temperature switches and thermowells. While these are the more common temperature measuring options, Ambit offers detailed information if required, from its offices.

Ambit also supplies machine safety switches and proximity and pneumatic switches.

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