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Diphoterine and hexafluorine from Amare Safety

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Diphoterine and Hexafluorine can dramatically reduce the risk of injury for employee’s, who handle hazardous and dangerous chemicals. Diphoterine is a multi-purpose solution, suitable for any kind of chemical splash, except hydrofluoric acid and it derivatives. For Hydrofluoric acid and its derivatives Hexafluorine should be used.
The main benefits of Diphoterine and Hexafluorine include: 
* Single use protocol for chemical burns – easy to use and no confusion regarding which product to use.  
* Both products absorb, neutralise and wash away the hazardous chemical – reducing the duration of contact with the chemical dramatically reduces the risk of injury. 
* Increased Intervention time for treatment – increasing the intervention time for use of the product reduces the risk of injury. 
* Diphoterine and Hexafluorine are hypertonic solutions – aids in the absorption of the chemicals, and therefore reduce the risk of injury. 
*Diphoterine and Hexafluorine are non–toxic and carry TGA approval – products are safe to use. 

Available in a wide variety of packages - designed for various applications.

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