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pH and ORP input/output tester

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AMALGAMATED Instrument Co (AIC) has announced the availability of a new pH and ORP tester.

The DUO-CHEK input/output tester offers a simple quality or performance check of instruments and electrodes.

The electrode or meter is attached to the tester and the desired function selected. The large, clear display is easy to read and the whole instrument offers an intuitive means of checking instrumentation in a wide range of applications.

With its ability to read a high impedance mV signal, the DUO-CHEK offers accuracy within 1mV of input signals from pH and ORP electrodes.

In output mode, the DUO-CHEK provides four preset mV output ranges. The mV ranges are:

* +700mV.

* +177mV (corresponds to pH4.0).

* 0mV (corresponds to pH7.0).

* -177mV (corresponds to pH10.0).

Each unit includes a male BNC to male BNC cable, a male BNC to tinned leads cable, and a 9V battery.

The DUO-CHEK pH and ORP simulator is a valuable accessory for installations using AIC's instrumentation and electrodes.

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