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Wind speed and direction monitor

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article image Wind parameter reporting system for mobile or fixed locations.

AMALGAMATED Instrument Co ’s wind speed and direction sensor teamed with a panel or DIN rail monitor gives a complete wind parameter reporting system in a compact, reliable and economical package.

The unit consists of the PM4-RS panel monitor or the DIN rail mount RM4-RS monitor combined with a solid state wind sensor to produce a package to indicate, retransmit and allow alarm or control setpoints for wind speed and direction applications.

The sensor has no moving parts and is suited to fixed or mobile applications. Mobile applications could include yachts and other marine vessels or land-based mobile applications where an indication of resultant wind speed and direction is needed.

The monitors accept a serial data stream from the sensor. The wind speed and the wind direction can be toggled on the display. Either can be set as the default.

Setpoint relays can be assigned to each parameter to allow alarms or control functions to be set as necessary.

Both styles of monitor can be fitted with an optional dual analogue retransmission (4-20mA, 0-1V dc or 0-10V dc). Wind speed can be assigned to one channel and wind direction to the other. The transmitted signals can be then used for control purposes, alarm or PLC/PC input.

The channel operated independently of one another. For example, one channel can be configured to 4-20mA output and the other to 0-10V dc with independent scaling on each channel. The serial data stream from the wind sensor can also be sent directly to a PC.

Applications for this system include stockpile management, vessel loading and unloading (especially bulk handling operations), spraying, exhaust plume monitoring, off shore yachting, oil rig applications or architectural applications to monitor wind flow in open spaces such as arenas or town squares.

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