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Wind speed and direction display

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THE new wind speed and direction display from Amalgamated Instrument Co (AIC) is designed to provide readily accessible information in a compact unit.

Wind direction is indicated on a circular LED display and wind speed is indicated in a 5-digit LED numerical display. The entire unit is housed in a 1/8 DIN panel mount enclosure (bezel size 96mm x 48mm).

The unit features:

* Input from 4-20mA output or NEMA serial data stream output wind sensors.

* Compact, rugged enclosure - extruded aluminium case with plastic bezel.

* Wind direction is indicated on the 16 point LED circular display. Wind direction can be displayed as degrees on the numerical display as well, at the push of a button.

* Wind speed is indicated on 5-digit LED display.

* Wind speed can be scaled to desired units - m/s, km/hr, knots, etc.

* Single or dual analogue retransmission option available - transmit wind speed, wind direction or both.

* One setpoint relay is standard with options to add up to another three (a total of four).

* Display includes alarm annunciators for quick warning of "out of line" situations.

* IP65 environmental protection options available.

This unit is suitable for applications where an accurate, easily visible display is required and where space is at a premium.

Applications could include vehicle borne sensing for spraying or irrigation applications. The display could find a wide range of application in the marine environment - from large vessels to drilling platforms to recreational vessels.

Industrial applications could include dockside and container handling situations, stockpile monitoring or sensing for emission control applications.

This display, when used with the WS-MMW-005 solid state wind sensor for example, represents a compact, powerful solution for wind parameter display applications.

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