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A NEW compact wind monitoring system, now available from Amalgamated Instrument Co , offers a solution to the need to monitor wind conditions around stockpiles etc., and to provide warnings of unsafe conditions for the operation of bulk handling equipment due to wind.

The system consists of of a solid-state wind speed and wind direction transmitter and a compact monitor with displays for both speed and direction and alarm capability to warn of dangerous conditions such as high wind speed or unacceptable wind direction.

The wind transmitter has no moving parts, is very compact and rated to IP65. It has a NMEA serial output that contains the wind speed and wind direction information.

The monitor is a panel mount display with a 16-segment circular display for wind direction and a 5-digit display for wind speed. The monitor is equipped with one setpoint relay as standard an up to another three relays can be added as options.

The relays can be assigned to either speed or direction as required by the operation and are independently configured.

A dual analogue retransmission option is also available so that wind speed and wind direction can be retransmitted if required. Here, also, the channels can be independently configured and scaled.

The display can be configured to operate on many supplies including 240V ac, 110V ac, a range of low voltage ac and 12-48V dc (the supply is factory set). The transmitter requires a 12V dc supply.

This system offers a compact, reliable, accurate method of monitoring and providing warnings where wind speed and wind direction effect operations.

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