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New 12mm pH and ORP electrodes

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AMALGAMATED Instrument Co now offers a range of 12mm diameter combination probes for pH or ORP applications. The bodies of the probe are made of a rugged epoxy and the electrodes feature Polaris reference junctions.

Polaris is a high porosity polymer material that allows ion diffusion to be very constant. The tortuous path through Polaris allows for normal migration of ions but not process contaminants.

There are three models in the range each with its own special characteristics and applications.

The SE14 is a probe with a conventional "bulb" membrane and is equipped with a screw on protector shield. It is suitable for general applications in lab and industrial use. It has a pH range of 0-14.

The XE14 features a flat sensing membrane and a double reference junction. The flat surface makes the electrode ideal for use in applications with viscous or particulate bearing solutions. The XE14 has a pH range of 0-13.

The ANSP is a spearpoint pH electrode ideal for the food industry. The toughened glass tip allows the probe to penetrate foodstuffs such as meat, fruit, cheese etc. The pH range is 1-12. The ANSP has a double reference junction with KCl (Potassium Chloride) as the electrolyte in contact with the sample.

This helps to minimise clogging of the reference by animal or vegetable proteins.

The SE14 and XE14 are also available in models for ORP applications.

This family of electrodes represents good value for applications that require a rugged, responsive, contamination resistant probe.

For further information, call Amalgamated Instrument Co on 02 9476 2244.

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