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Measuring liquid levels in irregular tanks

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WHEN an application involves a measuring liquid in a cylindrical tank mounted on its side, and another application involves liquid in an irregular shaped tank, how do you determine the level or contents in each situation?

Amalgamated Instrument Co has a range of instrumentation with linearisation to give accurate readings based on the output from an analogue transducer such as a pressure level transducer or ultrasonic level transducer.

The panel mount PM4-LN has a 50 point lineariser table. By entering values for various transducer outputs, the user can compensate and get an accurate measure of contents.

The linearisation table, once set, is backed up in nonvolatile memory so it is not lost in the case of power failure or relocation of the instrument.

AIC also has a panel mount lineariser instrument with totaliser functions - the PM4-LNT.

The PM4 instruments are available with a choice of displays and a wide range of power supply and output options. A single set point relay is standard in the PM4 range.

A panel mount four digit display, the PM6-IV, has a 16-point lineariser as standard. The PM6 range does not offer output options.

A DIN rail mount instrument with a 50 point table, the RM4-LN, is offered for those situations where the rail mount style is preferred.

In use, the irregular container has known contents added and the transducer output is noted. Once sufficient readings have been taken, the values (contents and transducer output) are put into the linearisation table and saved.

The display will then, in future, give an accurate measure of the contents based on the table.

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