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Enhanced range of large digit displays

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article image Viewing distances up to 100m.

AMALGAMATED Instrument Co (AIC) has enhanced its range of Australian designed and manufactured large digit displays.

AIC, building on its experience with digital displays and monitoring instrumentation, has produced a range of LED displays with digit sizes from 38mm to 200mm. This gives viewing distances from 18 metres up to 100metres.

The displays incorporate the latest ultrabright LEDs and have a programmable autobrightness control to allow for clear viewing under a wide variation of ambient light conditions.

The autobrightness control can be used to eliminate the glare associated with an ‘overbright’ display in dull conditions.

For direct sunlight conditions, AIC also has a range of yellow ‘flip’ displays available in 39mm and 100mm.

The displays are designed for applications where an indication is necessary at a distance. Such applications include time and temperature displays, weight indicators on weighbridges to truck drivers and remote displays where information needs to be clearly visible.

The displays are available on models accepting temperature sensors, analog input, load/strain gauge, BCD/binary/grey code input, pulse input - such as proximity sensors, relay closures etc and a range of serial inputs including RS232, RS485, serial current loop and serial synchronous interface (SSI).

Depending on the display size, the instruments are housed in rugged UV resistant ASA plastic or powder coated steel enclosures with IP65 environmental rating.

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