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Water/ Oil Spill and Leak Detectors from Alvi Technologies

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article image Jola Liquid Spill Monitors

Alvi Technologies  introduces the Jola/Germany range of water or oil spill and leak detectors.

Liquid spill monitors supplied by the company consist of ATEX hazardous area certified capacitive leakage electrode with Leckmaster 101 relay module for switching alarms.

The product range includes water leak detectors, water spill detectors, oil leak detectors and oil spill detectors.

These spill and leak detectors are suitable for detecting any spill or leakage of electrically conductive liquids such as water or non-conductive liquids such as oil.

The capacitive leakage or spill electrode is ATEX hazardous area certified EEX ia for installation in a normally dry room. The Relay module Leckmaster 101 is designed for installation in a safe area and comes certified as EEx ia.

Areas of application

Water or oil spill and leak detectors are used for all organic and inorganic liquids with specific dielectric constants between 1.8 and 109.

The prerequisite is that these liquids, depending on the ambient temperature are present in fluid form and that the sensors to be used will be sufficiently wetted. Response height is approximately 12mm.

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