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New digital Memosens sensor for pH/ORP measurement released by Alvi Technologies

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Alvi Technologies introduces the new Knick digital sensor featuring Memosens technology that enables calibration data to be stored, allowing for the sensor to measure again immediately. The inductive transfer of data lets the user take measurements outdoors without having to worry about interference from rain or contamination.

Recommended for the measurement of pH/ORP, conductivity and dissolved oxygen, the Memosens inductive sensor connector system transfers both energy and data without contact between electrochemical sensors and analysers. Perfect galvanic isolation eliminates interference, enabling reliable complex measurement even in challenging conditions. Solution grounding or equipotential bonding is not required since ground potentials no longer play a role.

Memosens inductive sensors can be easily handled under adverse conditions, even under water. The pre-calibrated sensors ensure maximum availability and have lower maintenance requirement at the point of measurement.

Memosens sensor technology is ideal for liquid analysis in diverse industries such as chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, energy generation, food and beverages, water and wastewater, and even in Zone 0 hazardous areas.

Key benefits of Knicks Memosens inductive sensors include interference-free coupling; perfect galvanic isolation; simple connection without bayonet coupling; easy handling even under harsh conditions; pre-calibration; plug and measure design allowing sensor replacement in seconds; maximum availability; longer sensor service life due to predictive servicing; and interoperability.

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