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Multi-range, selectable differential pressure transmitters from Alvi Technologies

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article image Series 984 differential pressure transmitters

Alvi Technologies  presents the 984 series of differential pressure transmitters designed to take differential pressure, overpressure and vacuum measurements.

The multi-range selectable differential pressure transmitters provide up to eight pressure ranges and two output signals, which are easily selectable by jumper or rotary selector switch.

The 984 series differential pressure transmitters are suitable for monitoring of gaseous, non-aggressive media. Potential application areas include building automation and air conditioning systems, overpressure measurement in cleanrooms and laboratories, measurement of constant pressure in VAV applications, and dynamic filter and ventilator monitoring.

The differential pressure transmitters are factory-set for a 0-10 volt output signal, which can be changed to a 4-20 mA signal by removing a jumper.

The 984 series offers several advantages including configurable response time, easy offset calibration, optional volume flow measurement and flexible mounting.

Key features of 984 series differential pressure transmitters:

  • Response time of the output signal can be configured using a jumper
  • Performs automated zero offset compensation with any drift of the zero point automatically corrected at regular intervals
  • No re-calibration is needed, reducing monitoring and maintenance efforts
  • Optional volume flow measurement by switching the shape of the output signal from linear to square root using a jumper
  • Optional adjustable transistor switching output with a maximum switching capacity of 30 Vdc/100 mA to give a switch signal at a user-defined pressure level
  • Optional red LED display reads out pressure value in Pascal units  
  • Can be mounted in any position with the self-compensating piezo-resistive pressure transducer eliminating any possible mounting error

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