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Gas Alarm Systems launches MSR Pub CellarAlarm

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Gas Alarm Systems (a division of Alvi Technologies ) has launched MSR Pub CellarAlarm, a brand new product specifically made to meet Australian Standard AS 5034-2005 for monitoring of CO2 in cellars or pubs.

Every cellar in Australia is required by OH&S to have a CO2 monitoring system (CellarAlarm) by the end of 2007.

AS 5034-2005 (excerpts): Accidents have occurred in dispensing of beverages due to lack of understanding of the potential damage high pressure inert gases can cause.

High pressure cylinders in the supply systems for beverage dispensing can supply pressures up to 24000 kPa.

Due to all gas systems being under pressure, it is possible that the system and equipment connection may develop leaks, causing a build up of inert gases in cellars and low level areas with the real possibility of asphyxia (oxygen deficiency) leading to collapse and death of personnel working in these areas.

  • Meets AS 5034-2005 standards (for beverage dispensing)
  • CO2 compliance monitoring (optional O2 for inert gases)
  • CO2 pre-warning alarm: 1.5% vol, final alarm: 3% Vol
  • TWA CO2: 0.5% vol
  • O2 deficiency alarm: < 19% vol
  • Bottled wine dispensing, draught beer and ready to drink kegs
  • FCB (Frozen Carbonated Beverages)
  • Postmix, ready to drink (pre-mixed) beverages

MSR PolyGard CellarAlarm will provide continuous monitoring of any leaking CO2 (optional oxygen deficiency) and will warn people entering the cellar room , or escape from the cellar room in case of excessive build up of toxic CO2 (and optional oxygen deficiency 19% Vol O2) beyond preset limits (1.5% Vol - Lo & 3% Vol - Hi).

Further the relay outputs of the CellarAlarm can be used for activating audio/visual alarms, shut off gas supply solenoid valves or start ventilation fans to dissipate the toxic build-up.

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