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Gas Alarm Systems launches Formaldehyde Monitor

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Gas Alarm Systems  has launched Formaldehyde Monitor which can be duct mounted or wall mounted. The Formaldehyde Monitor will continuously monitor for Formaldehyde gases and vapours and provide required A-V alarm or controls

The Formaldehyde Monitor comes in two models, either duct mount model or wall mount model. The Formaldehyde Monitor has built in Formaldehyde sensor having detection range of 0-10 PPM.

The duct mount model is without display and comes with the option of Relay Board having 2 x Relays, 1 A, 30 Volts contact rating. In addition it gives 4-20 mA analogue output for PLC, SCADA or BMS

The wall mount model comes with LC Display. There are 2 x DPDT Relays, 30 V, 1 A contact ratings for Audio Visual Alarms. In addition of LC Display it has keypad for alarm settings and configuration. F

Further, it gives 4-20 mA analogue output for BMS or for any Gas Alarm Control System.

The wall mount is a stand alone self contained model with integral sensor, display, 2 x relays for alarms or triggering ventilation flap, continuous watch dog facility, works on 24 V AC/DC (option 240 V AC operations).

The Formaldehyde Monitor comes with Alarm LED and system fault LED.

Applications: It will find applications in laboratories, particle board and carpet manufacturing and wherever formaldehyde is stored, handled and processed.

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