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ADL SF6 gas data loggers from Alvi Technologies

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The ADL SF6 gas data loggers available from Alvi Technologies are designed to log sulphur hexafluoride gas leaks from high voltage transformers, switchgears used in sub-stations and power distribution networks.

Australia has recently introduced the Ozone Protection & Synthetic Greenhouse Management Regulation with strict penalty for handling, storing or leaking of such fluorinated synthetic gases that create ozone depletion (EPA Australia) and may include SF6 sulphur hexafluoride and synthetic refrigerant gases such as R134a, R410a or R123.

Being heavier than air, sulphur hexafluoride may also create oxygen deficient atmosphere leading to safety risks for workers. Early detection through monitoring of SF6 levels may help in asset protection by preventing breakdowns due to SF6 gas leaks.

Key features of ADL SF6 gas data loggers:

  • Monitors and logs leaks in high voltage transformers and high voltage switchgears
  • Portable instrument can continuously monitor for any SF6 leak in ambient air
  • Records up to 16000 measuring values
  • Measuring cycle can be adjusted from 2 seconds to 5 hours
  • Stored data can be transferred via the USB port
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • LCD display for concentration read-out with 0-5 V analogue output

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