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703 Laboratory Conductivity Meters from Alvi Technologies

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article image 703 Laboratory Conductivity Meters from Alvi Technologies

Alvi Technologies   introduces the 703 Laboratory Conductivity Meters.

With its numerous safety functions and record printouts at keystroke, the 703 measures ranges from 0.000 µS/cm to 2000 mS/cm

The Fullcheck functionality of the 703 Laboratory Conductivity Meters automatically checks the device functions during power-on. Also during operation, a complete instrument check can be carried out at a single keystroke. Here, also display and keypad are checked besides the electrical characteristics.

With record printouts of the device self-test, the calibration, and the parameter settings, it is possible (as part of quality management to ISO 9000 and GLP) to document the operability and the regular maintenance and calibration of these meters.

Unknown cell constants can easily be determined with a standard calibration. The meter automatically takes the TC of the calibration solution into consideration, calculates the cell constant and displays it.

The galvanic isolation of the recorder output prevents the measured values from being influenced by the connected peripherals. Measurement continues unimpaired.

The EMC design of these Laboratory Conductivity Meters protects them from electromagnetic interferences, ensuring reliable measurement results even under unfavourable conditions. This makes the 703 the first laboratory conductivity meters that completely fulfil the EMC recommendations of NAMUR.

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