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Air and smoke ventilation solutions offered by Alutek (Australia)

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Alutek (Australia)  offers quality air ventilation and smoke ventilation solutions. Alutek (Australia) offers ideas to clients related to louvre systems that meet their requirements. It offers louvre systems in accordance to clients needs. Suppose the louvres systems offers more than required ventilation then some areas are required to be left blanked in the building. Alutek (Australia) informs clients about the resistance to airflow caused by louvre system for particular flow rate.

The Vista and Air Master engineered louvres offered by Alutek (Australia) provide adjustable systems for high volume air ventilation with the ability to provide daylight required by clients. These louvres from Alutek (Australia) are either operated manually or electronically. They have a selection of transparent, translucent or opaque infils. These systems are ideally suited for maximum airflow, security, aesthetics and light control requirements of clients.

Alutek (Australia) offers natural glazed ventilators that are basically controllable fire rated windows. They offer the advantages of smoke control ventilation combined with additional benefits of day-to-day ventilation. Alutek (Australia) offers Colt Meteor ventilation systems.These glazed flap ventilators from Alutek (Australia) have large unobstructed openings that are combined with high level performances. Colt Meteor ventilation systems are ideal for installations from horizontal to vertical.

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