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Unsafe floors, but need to stay open for business?

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article image Altro Quicklay is used in hospitals.

THE Altro QuickLay System, installed while the business is operated as usual, offers function without compromise.

Designed to overcome the problems often encountered when laying sheet flooring, the system uses a fully synthetic underlay that can be laid over a variety of surfaces such as old vinyl tiles, sheet metal, access floors, subfloors contaminated with oil or paint, or even damp floors.

There are many advantages of using the Altro QuickLay System, particularly in the hospitality industry, notorious for kitchens with slippery and unsafe floors but where owners and managers cannot afford to close down for extended periods.

The Altro QuickLay System provides a continuous base that is stabilised and resistant to damp. It also provides a degree of cushioning underfoot and improves acoustic insulation, providing employees with a safe and comfortable workplace.

The key to the system is the underlay, a specially coated fibreglass sheet with peduncles that grip the subfloor surface, enabling it to be loose laid.

This is matched to any Altro safety, smooth or rubber flooring, and complemented with the Altro range of accessories.

When this is all tied together with Altro's renowned technical expertise, customers get the Altro QuickLay System.

When using the Altro Quicklay System, preparation requirements and laying times are substantially reduced. In many cases, the floor can be installed without the business closing at all - that means money saved.

The Altro QuickLay System is used in commercial kitchens, supermarket delicatessens, fast food restaurants and retail chains. But it can be installed almost anywhere where flooring needs to be laid while clients operate, business as usual.

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