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New airbrakes released for offshore and mining industries

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article image AirMaKKs SSB brakes

Wichita Clutch of Wichita Falls, Texas announces the introduction of the air cooled, spring-set, air released AirMaKKs SSB high torque brakes to its AquaMaKKs family of clutches and brakes. 

The new AirMaKKs SSB brakes are designed to provide low speed braking assistance in applications including conveyors, cranes and drawworks where they serve as a main brake that provides both parking and E-stop braking functions. These high torque brakes are particularly recommended for offshore and mining applications.

Available in the 19, 25, 36 and 48-inch AquaMaKKs sizes, AirMaKKs SSB brakes utilise the basic, easy-to-maintain, pin-style, modular design of AquaMaKKs including the brake housing with torque plates installed instead of water jackets. 

AirMaKKs SSB brakes are finished with three-part epoxy marine-grade paint and corrosion-resistant coatings for added protection on offshore rig applications. 

AirMaKKs brakes, featuring stainless steel torque plates are also available for marine deck applications exposed to sea spray and direct seawater splash.

AirMaKKs SSB high torque brakes are available from Altra Industrial Motion, Inc.

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