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Two new plug-in daughter boards

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ALTIUM has announced two new daughter boards that enable engineers using Altium's Nexar development system to directly and interactively develop entire processor-based digital systems on Altera's Stratixä and Xilinx's Virtexä-II FPGAs.

These new daughter boards plug into a unique FPGA-based development board that Altium calls a "NanoBoard" (nano-level breadboard), an essential part of Altium's LiveDesign methodology of interactive, real-time development and debugging of FPGA-based designs.

The swappable nature of the different daughter boards available for Altium's NanoBoard enables Altium to offer an FPGA vendor-independent solution for embedded system design that allows users to change the FPGA they are developing or implementing their designs on just by plugging in a different daughter board.

"Nexar users can simply re-compile their existing projects to take advantage of the capacity and features of Stratix and Virtex-II FPGAs," Altium joint CEO and founder Nick Martin said.

"To ensure Nexar customers have a wide variety of target devices to choose from we will continue to progressively roll-out daughter boards for popular FPGAs and related devices.

“We currently have Virtex-II Pro, Spartan 3 and Max II boards under development, with more to follow.

“Since we house all of the target programmable devices on plug-in daughter boards, our NanoBoard also gives engineers the freedom to easily change the target project architecture, providing the industry's only FPGA vendor-independent FPGA development environment," he added.

Altium's NanoBoard is currently delivered with two daughter boards included - the Xilinx Spartan-IIE and the Altera Cyclone daughter boards.

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