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Two-level design document viewing strategy

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ALTIUM has launched a two-level design viewing strategy. This adds significant transparency and versatility to the design data management capabilities of the company’s Altium Designer system for electronic product development.

The two-level strategy consists of an Altium Designer Smart PDF with a customised wizard feature, and a separate Altium Designer Viewer Edition license option that provides full viewing, navigation and querying of all Altium Designer designs and documentation. These combine to facilitate effective communication across the entire design chain by making it easy for customers to share design files created with Altium Designer. It also provides secure and easy access to those not directly involved in design editing, both within and outside an organisation.

With Altium Designer Smart PDF, added as part of Service Pack 3 (SP3) for Altium Designer, users can generate navigable PDF documents for design projects. These documents can be read on any PC platform that supports Adobe Reader. The Smart PDF documents contain a sophisticated view of a design project’s schematic and PCB documents and include sorted tables of components and nets that can be used to navigate to the design objects. This new enhancement to Altium Designer improves the ease of the overall design creation process as it allows quick, easy, and secure distribution of design data across the organisation and with third parties.

Altium Designer Viewer Edition complements Altium Designer Smart PDF by providing a deeper level of data interchange for users. It is designed to be installed by those who are involved in the wider electronic product development process, but not directly editing design files. It can be used to view, print, cross probe and explore design projects and documents that have been created using Altium Designer. Users can open and securely explore single documents, design projects or multiple projects that have been grouped together as part of a design workspace. This gives users the ability to interrogate all aspects of a design while preserving the integrity of the projects by preventing editing of the design documents. Users can also generate reports and printouts, and open and view Gerber, ODB++, NC Drill and other manufacturing files.

Altium Designer Smart PDF is available via Service Pack 3 (SP3) for Altium Designer Nexar, Protel, CircuitStudio and CAMtastic customers. All service packs are provided free of charge for immediate download to existing licensed Altium Designer customers from www.altium.com/Products/AltiumDesigner/ServicePacks/ServicePack3/. Altium Designer Viewer Edition is also provided free of charge and is activated by a license which is registered to the user every 12 months. Altium Designer Viewer Edition can be downloaded immediately from www.altium.com/altiumdesigner.

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