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Toolset generates code up to 60% faster

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ALTIUM has announced the release of v1.2 of the TASKING software development toolset, an efficient set of embedded software development tools for the StarCore family of Digital Signal Processor (DSP) cores.

In the second version of this toolset since its release in July last year, Altium has succeeded in significantly improving the already impressive ability of the toolset to deliver fast and compact code.

Tests on industry standard audio/GSM codec suites (G723/G729/EFR) show the compiler in v1.2 of the toolset delivers an increase in execution speed between 25% and 60%, while reducing the code size by 5% when compared to v1.1.

By making use of a wide variety of optimisations in the new compiler, code size reductions between 10% and 20% are attainable, while maintaining a speed increase of up to 30%.

Altium believes this increased efficiency places the TASKING toolset well ahead of the competition in this increasingly popular DSP architecture.

The new toolset is based on Altium's next-generation Viper compiler technology and benefits from ongoing developments in optimisation technologies and features such as the new MISRA C enhanced code checking facility, now capable of verifying code against 117 out of 127 MISRA C rules.

As with Altium's first release, v1.2 is compliant with the StarCore application binary interface (ABI) and with International Standards Organisation (ISO) C'99. The toolset supports all StarCore DSP devices, including the new MSC8102 from Motorola.

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