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ALTIUM has updated its Nexar system design software to support version 4.2 of Altera's Quartus II development software. Nexar is a complete FPGA-based digital design system that supports a range of Altera programmable logic devices (PLDs).

Nexar allows the interactive development of complete systems, including processor-based designs, on an FPGA platform. LiveDesign is the Nexar design methodology. It enables real time communication with active devices in the circuit that are running inside the target FPGA, such as processor cores and virtual instruments.

Altium's NanoBoard is a versatile FPGA development board that features swappable target devices housed on removable daughter boards. Nexar allows interactive, live development and debugging of systems without the need for simulation at the system level, significantly reducing system development time.

The Quartus II development tool supports FPGA, CPLD and structured ASIC designs, allowing Altium customers to target their prototyping and production solutions using programmable logic devices.

Altium's NanoBoard is currently delivered with two daughter boards including the Altera Cyclone. A range of additional daughter boards, including the Altera Stratix with SRAM, Altera Cyclone with SRAM and the Altera Max 3000/7000 devices are also available.

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