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ALTIUM has announced the release of version 3.5 of the TASKING embedded software development toolset for Motorola's DSP56xxx architecture.

Developers for the wide range of DSP56xxx applications will benefit from a redesigned user interface and support for all the latest derivatives and evaluation boards.

Extensively redesigned interfaces for both the Embedded Development Environment (EDE) and the CrossView Pro debugger in v3.5 result in a more intuitive environment and increased ease of use for developers.

The re-arranged menu structures, the improved dialogues, and the new context-sensitive help features in the CrossView Pro debugger make it easy to learn and use.

For example, the new dialogue design in the CrossView Pro debugger allows more flexible breakpoint configuration, and probe point support allows data to be retrieved from and injected into an application at run-time using I/O simulation.

With this version, developers can now take advantage of the latest DSP56xxx derivatives and evaluation boards including DSP56366, DSP56367, DSP5637x and DSP5637xEVM. A full listing of supported derivatives and boards, is available on the TASKING website.

The TASKING DSP56xxx Software Development Toolset v3.5 is a complete and integrated toolset consisting of the TASKING EDE, DSP56xxx C/C++/EC++ compiler, assembler, linker / locator and CrossView Pro simulator debugger.

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