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ALTIUM has released a new version of its Tasking C166/ST10 software development toolset.

Version 8.5 of the Tasking C166/ST10 toolset features numerous enhancements to the compiler and debugger and introduces a number of key improvements.

Programming large applications is now easier - with support for 'the huge memory model' and additional memory allocation functions offering an optimal match of the application's program setup to the hardware organisation.

Increased configurability of MISRA C compliance checking enables developers more flexibility to decide whether the code is required or just advised to comply with particular rules in keeping with the standards of their company and the requirements of the project.

To add more flexibility to the toolset's licensing, Altium added a new license manager that enables licenses to be 'checked out' from, and returned to, the license pool on the server so they can be used on a laptop.

Version 8.5 of the toolset also introduces support for the latest derivatives from Infineon, such as the C165H, C166S and XC164CM, and STMicroelectronics ST10M397 architectures.

The C166/ST10 CrossView Pro debugger has also been enhanced in the new version of the toolset. The instruction set simulator now includes support for peripheral simulation, enabling developers to validate their software application more thoroughly through simulated interaction with the outside world before testing on the hardware - a feature that is particularly helpful when software development is ahead of the hardware development schedule.

Altium also added a new Remote Evaluation Board Access Server to enable remote debugging on standard evaluation boards or proprietary target hardware over a TCP/IP network.

This new addition is useful when evaluation boards are shared between colleagues or when the hardware is installed at another location.

Additionally, the CrossView Pro debugger now enables the use of CrossView's eXtension Language, CXL, for automated simulation tests, and has plug-and-play support for new evaluation boards available from Altium's partners.

The Tasking C166/ST10 toolset is a complete, integrated embedded software development toolset consisting of the Tasking EDE, C/C++/EC++ compiler, assembler, linker/locator and CrossView Pro OCDS, ROM monitor and simulator debugger.

The product is available for PC/Windows and SUN/Solaris platforms; other platforms are supported on request.

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