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article image Version 10 Tasking 68K toolset.

ALTIUM has released version 10 of its Tasking 68K embedded software development toolset.

In the new release, the toolset has been enhanced to support ColdFire microprocessors as well as new Motorola 68K and CPU32 derivatives (including the DragonBall 68xx328 series).

Other enhancements from earlier versions include a more intuitive embedded development environment (EDE) and a next-generation version of the CrossView Pro debugger.

Extensively redesigned interfaces for both the EDE and the next-generation CrossView Pro debugger in v10 results in a more intuitive environment and enhanced ease of use for developers.

The re-arranged menu structures, improved dialogues, and new context-sensitive help features make the toolset easy to learn and use.

Enhancements to the EDE give developers better control over the initialisation of applications and new productivity-enhancing features.

For example, the addition of a treeview menu simplifies project navigation and gives developers control over the configuration of their project including the setup of all tools, such as the compiler.

In the CrossView Pro debugger, the new dialogue design allows more flexible breakpoint configuration, and probe point support allows data to be retrieved from and injected into an application at run-time using I/O simulation.

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