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ALTIUM has announced significant updates to the capabilities and performance of the autorouter in the latest version of its complete board-level design system, Protel.

With the release of Service Pack 1, Protel 2004's PCB autorouting technology (the Situs topological autorouter) now features a comprehensive Routing Setup Report that enables the designer to more easily identify and troubleshoot rule violations, greatly improving routing completion rates.

The new report analyses the defined design rules and reports on potential routing conflicts and routability problems. This enables the designer to rectify errors early in the board routing process rather than after a failed autorouting attempt, saving time and making troubleshooting problem boards easier.

The autorouter also gives the user more scope to deal with differing design geometries with an expanded set of routing alternatives including the addition of a new orthogonal routing strategy option and re-cornering pass.

The update also includes a number of routing engine enhancements that bring significant speed and quality improvements to the entire autorouting process.

"These latest enhancements will greatly boost productivity and improve router performance in complex designs," Nick Martin, joint CEO and founder of Altium, said.

"In harmony with Altium's mission, these updates are aimed at making design easier for the Protel engineer leaving them with more time to focus on other complex design issues and getting their products out the door."

Service Pack 1, which includes the new autorouting features as well as a significant number of other updates across the entire system, has been released and is available for free download to all 2004 licensed users from www.altium.com/downloads/2004SP1/default.asp.

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