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Altium updates flagship product to enhance design clarity and reduce supply chain risk

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Altium Limited  has launched a major update to their flagship product, Altium Designer 13.2. Altium is a global leader in smart system design automation and provider of solutions for 3D PCB design (Altium Designer) and embedded software development (TASKING).

Altium Designer 13.2 delivers features and enhancements designed to give users better control over their design data and a clearer view throughout the development process. In addition to providing improved documentation features for PCB designs, the new release offers significant gains to cost conscious engineering processes.

Matt Schwaiger, senior product manager, EDA for Altium explains that the new enhancements will have profound impact on how designers approach development for cost or time sensitive products, adding that the improvements and updates to key aspects of Altium Designer have been achieved through continuous engagement with their customer base.

The update will bring any organisation better clarity, confidence and control over their design data and product development flow.

New features of Altium Designer 13.2: 

  • Live Drill Table and PCB Design View: The Live Drill table is a highly customisable, real-time view of the drilling requirements of a PCB design. The PCB Design View object provides a configurable and detailed scaled view of elements in a PCB layout.
  • ActiveBOM: With the ActiveBOM feature, Altium Designer 13.2 elevates the Bill of Materials from a post-design output report to a living part of the design, edited and developed alongside schematics and PCB layout files.
Key benefits of Altium Designer 13.2:

  • Reduces overall product costs using tools that allow teams to define target costs and provide an up-to-date and clear picture of costs throughout a design
  • Reduces the risk of manufacturing error through design documentation tools that clearly show design intent
  • Improves confidence by understanding the cost implications of design revisions and product updates
  • Avoids production delays through better understanding of supply chain risk of component choices
  • Faster time to market by fostering a robust streamlined collaboration between design, production and procurement teams
  • Enhanced productivity from a real time view of product BOM cost, avoiding unexpected product component cost creep during design development

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