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Altium unifies electronic product development

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Altium has announced the unification of the company’s recently-released DXP 2004-based products under the Altium Designer name.

The latest 2004 versions of Altium’s Protel, Nexar, CircuitStudio and CAMtastic products all are based on the company’s DXP 2004 technology integration platform. The company also explains that the products are a subset of an overall DXP 2004-based design system that provides a “complete and diverse set of capabilities for electronic product development”.

The company says it has introduced Altium Designer “to better reflect the unified nature of its overall DXP-based design system”. The product provides a focus for the company’s use of programmable logic to host the entire “embedded intelligence” of a design and move away from the hard-wiring of processors and peripherals.

“Today the availability [of FPGAs] is shifting the balance … and allowing previously fixed design elements such as the processor and its peripheral components and logic blocks to be moved into a ‘soft’ domain,” says Nick Martin, founder and CEO of Altium.

“To harness this ‘soft’ future and take advantage of the benefits that it offers, a unified approach to electronic product development is required. This is the approach we’ve taken with our product development and is represented by Altium Designer.”

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