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Altium to export electronics design tool to China

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Altium , specialising in electronics design solutions, has announced investments in China. These investments will accelerate the migration of users to Altium’s new generation electronics design tool, and support the teaching of unified electronics engineering in Chinese universities.

The new investments are:

  • an amnesty for users of unlicensed Altium software 
  • sponsored programs
  • special pricing
  • inclusive training and
  • electronics engineering centres in selected Chinese universities

The Chinese government’s national policy is to accelerate Chinese innovation and support the protection of intellectual property and the estimated 300,000 users of Altium’s software in China. A strong opportunity is created for Altium to grow its export revenue even further (currently 96% of Altium’s sales are from outside Australia).

“Altium believes China can become a worldwide electronics design power house, in consumer and industrial electronics,” said Emma Lo Russo, Altium’s President and Chief Operating Officer.

“The Chinese government’s national commitment to move from ‘made in China’ to ‘design in China’ supports innovation from universities through to business. And China’s electronics designers will turn to next-generation electronics design tools that allow innovation to become reality.”

“Altium has a huge platform on which to build: 73% of Chinese engineers, and 80% of China’s electronics engineering students, use Altium solutions. This provides an enormous opportunity to migrate large numbers of engineers to licensed versions of Altium’s next-generation unified electronics design solution.”

Altium believes it can convert a conservative 20% of these users, with the potential to translate into tens of millions of dollars in export sales.

This export success represents new opportunities for Australia’s IT sector worldwide. “Altium boasts a long-standing presence in China that is now starting to deliver real benefits,” said Christopher Wright, Austrade's Senior Trade Commissioner in Shanghai.

“China's improved IP environment is allowing Altium to increase the transfer of Australian hi-technology expertise to China, and to work in partnership with Chinese businesses and academic institutions to drive innovation in China. It’s a powerful example of how Australian companies can drive growth and be successful in China.

“Altium's success shows that China's rise is not just about growth but also diversification, and demonstrates the potential of China's transition from a manufacturing centre to a global hub of design excellence,” said Christopher Wright.

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