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Altium improves component sourcing productivity with major product update

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Altium Limited  has launched Altium Vault 1.1 to enable cost-effective and efficient electronic design.

Altium is a global leader in Smart System Design Automation and provider of solutions for 3D PCB design (Altium Designer) and embedded software development (TASKING).

Featuring enhanced searching and filtering tools and design Bill of Materials, Altium Vault 1.1 provides easy-to-use component navigation capabilities to reduce errors and costly production rework for customers.

According to Marc Depret, senior product manager for design capture and design data management, Altium is committed to delivering data management technology that provides greater value and a richer design experience for users. Altium recognises the importance of having clear visibility of components in terms of cost and availability, and its impact on a designer’s decisions.

At the heart of Altium’s Smart Data management technologies, Altium Vault Server provides electronic design teams a locally hosted, centralised, design data management system managing everything from individual electronic components to complete electronic product design files.

Key features of Altium Vault 1.1:

  • Centralised Supply Chain Data Management: The Altium Vault Server can be linked to a company’s internal electronic component database, providing designers with a sound view of each component’s supply chain data, and enabling them to leverage existing electronic component data to make component choices and design decisions with a clear insight into component cost and availability
  • Enhanced Vault Search: The Vault data searching interface has been significantly improved with the addition of intelligent parametric searching and advanced result filtering and grouping, which allows designers to view devices and design data according to their characteristics  
  • Support for ActiveBOM: Coupled with Altium Designer’s new ActiveBOM editor, designers can analyse and understand supply chain implications of electronic component choices, with this clarity assisting organisations to successfully bring electronic products to market using a design-to-cost approach
Key benefits of Altium Vault 1.1:

  • Avoids costly production rework of prototype designs by understanding suitability of components at the outset
  • Saves time and reduces errors by releasing design Bills of Materials complete with component choice and component ordering information
  • Improves productivity by finding the best component and design item choices using Altium Vault Server’s new searching and filtering tools

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