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Altium add LatticeXP2 and Altera Stratix III processor support for electronics designers

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article image The Altera Stratix III and LatticeXP2 programmable devices

Altium , developers of unified electronics design solutions, have extended their FPGA support to include the Altera Stratix III and LatticeXP2 families of programmable devices. Electronics designers now have new opportunities to harness the power of FPGAs and explore new design concepts in real time, without having to make final decisions on device choice too early in the design process.

The Altera Stratix III and LatticeXP2 programmable devices form a part of Altium’s growing list of supported device families, continuing Altium’s commitment to provide designers with a flexible, vendor-neutral unified electronics design solution. Electronics designers working on embedded designs or looking to move more of what would have been previously hardwired into the soft domain, can now explore new design concepts. They can also experiment with different devices to determine how to execute their design in real time, all without major design rework.

Altium’s unified electronics design environment provides pre-synthesised, ready-to-use ‘soft’ FPGA components that give designers the ability to program or change devices without the ‘sticky’ IP issues that inhibit innovation. As Altium pre-synthesises components for all supported Xilinx, Altera, Lattice and Actel FPGA device families, the system will automatically extract the appropriate models for the target devices and employ them throughout the design. This streamlines and speeds up the design process, allowing engineers to explore alternative devices without constraint.

According to Nick Martin, CEO and Founder of Altium, electronic designers are realising that functionality must move from the constraints of physical hardware and are increasingly harnessing the potential offered by programmable devices such as FPGAs. Altium continue to add programmable device support to the Altium Designer, so that designers can have a wide range of options to explore and experiment with, before taking their designs out to final deployment and manufacture, all within a single, unified design environment. This flexibility and freedom is at the core of being able to create the next generation of electronics products in new ways.

Altium’s unified environment makes this easy, because electronics designers, experts or novices at programming FPGAs, can create intelligent products without having to learn new specialised skills. Support for Lattice XP2 and Altera Stratix III is available as part of a recent release of the Altium Designer, available from Altium Sales and Support centres.

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