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Altium Designer for electronic designers available from Altium

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According to Altium , old ways of approaching electronics design needs to change for good. Altium observe that they are helping electronic designers to plug into a stream of new devices, technologies and developments that keep them at the forefront of their industry. This approach allows designers the freedom to explore how and which new features and functionalities are added to their end products, as well as designing-in a continuing, connected relationship with their end users, from within a single design environment. Altium Designer is suitable for electronic designers and is now available.

Altium note that the electronics design is changing and warn that if electronics designers, and their organisations, do not change now, they are at risk of not surviving the impact of globalisation once the recession is over.

According to Altium, the rule book of how electronics design is done is now inadequate in the face of globalisation. These old rules increasingly struggle to cope with the new programmable devices, wireless technologies and increasing processing power. The risk to electronic designers is that the old way of doing electronics design will deny them the new opportunities afforded by the convergence of these new technologies.

The old rules require a divide-and-conquer approach that includes dividing the process into smaller chunks, and conquering the complexities. The problem is that this approach, of reducing the intent and broader view of the design to a set of smaller, granulated problems, destroys the innovation at the higher level. Choosing a device or functionality too early in the design process is bad for the design and innovation.

Altium add that more functionalities and access to new devices and technologies will make it affordable and easy for electronic designers around to tap into the opportunity of connected, intelligent, next-generation electronic products.

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