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Alternative Plastics uses PEEK HPV during sterilisation

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article image PEEK HPV for friction free pivoting from Alternative Plastics

Alternative Plastics  uses PEEK HPV for friction free pivot points during the sterilisation. The Australian wine industry requires maximum return from its large scale bottling facilities. Having the ability to manufacture and supply the latest polymers for application allows them to increase performance and reduce down time. Alternative Plastics uses PEEK HPV to decrease the numerous issues of the bottling industry.

Before a bottle of wine can be filled with product the empty glass bottle must be rinsed to insure sterilization. This aggressive process relies upon numerous components to make the entire process work efficiently. The component that grips the neck of the bottle has over a dozen pivot points. These points are made friction free using PEEK HPV.

The benefits to the production line have been numerous and decreased down time and increased production capacity are among them.

When selecting PEEK HPV for the application, Alternate Plastics decided upon a material that would not deform with pressure and could handle increased temperatures caused by the high speed application. After the benefit of trials, it was able to re designing the gripper head.

However the PEEK HPV has increased the working structure of the gripper head, added the advantage of increasing the tolerance of the components manufactured and created better fits.

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