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Alternative Plastics presents ‘The Heineken Keg’

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article image The Heineken Keg from Alternative Plastics

Alternative Plastics  provides ‘The Heineken Keg’, a beer keg made from polypropylene. According to Alternative Plastics, Heineken beer systems recognized the potential of the small beer keg market and with help of its global supplier Quadrant developed a new tapping system.

The advantage to the consumer is that the beer stays fresh for 30 days after it has been initially tapped. This conservation period is currently unique for a beer tapping system operating independently.

The requirements imposed on the tapping system were exacting. Since the beer in the keg is exposed to fluctuating temperatures and high pressure, the components had to be strong. The tapping system also had to be light and easy to handle for inexperienced users.

Manufacturing components to exact specifications is a requirement that Alternative Plastics’ manufacturing plant faces every day. Polypropylene is an engineering plastic that has excellent chemical resistance, impact resistance and excellent injection moulding capabilities as demonstrated in the Heineken keg.

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