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Alpha Warehouse adds range of crossbeams to their warehouse offerings

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 Alpha Warehouse Solutions has recently added a complete range of fully engineered and designed crossbeams to their warehouse offerings.

Everything from Alpha Warehouse Solutions’ original stock standard sizes of its enclasp box beam, light-weight tube beams, heavy duty box beams, and bridge beams. 

Alpha is able to supply a whole range of specialised sizes to meet various requirements. 

Able to carry weights over 2000kg and a length of 3.8 meters, the enclasp box beam is 2 ton rated, and is major brand compatible. Sizes can also be styled to suit various specifications.

All of the Alpha brand pallet racking has been designed and over-engineered for maximum safety and compliance with Australian Standard Load Charts and issued with certificates of compliance.

The esteemed Monash University completes regular and random compliance testing to ensure the safety and quality features of Alpha Warehouse Solutions’ product, and which has been  studied, tested, designed and then modelled after a market compatible series of pallet racking that was once considered the world leader in some European markets.

Alpha has engineered crossbeams to include the strongest features of previous types of racking and then made its cross beams stronger, using steel a full 1.5mil to 3 mil in thickness depending on the beam and before the application of paint.

Alpha has specifically chosen not to supply a certain type of beam that is described as revolutionary, as this beam may resist lateral loading, but in market research has proven to be easily damaged by forklift injuries,  causing a cost effective choice for some customers, to become an expensive alternative in the long run.

Conventional boxed beams have remained a strong type of beam available on the market and proven year after year for durability and safety, and that is why the world followed suit in production of this proven style of beam.

Alpha Warehouse Solutions can supply independent assessment of the existing pallet racking in warehouses to ensure the safety, and conformance of all brands and help customers maintain their pallet racking to Australian Standards. The issuance of traffic management reports can easily be obtained for premises Australia wide.

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