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Alpha Chemicals providing unique ‘end to end’ solution for the anodising industry

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article image Alpha distributes a range of chemicals for anodising and colouring aluminium

Alpha Chemicals Anodising Division provides a unique ‘end to end’ solution for the anodising industry.

Covering everything from anodising products and services, and chemical additives and colouring, to equipment sales and service, process optimisation, and chemical analysis, Alpha Chemicals’ mix of quality products, services and expertise allows them to optimise their clients’ anodising processes, thereby minimising production costs and maximising their returns.

Alpha Chemicals’ scope of products and services includes:

Chemicals and formulations for the anodising and colouring of aluminium: In addition to a number of their own proven formulations and standard chemicals, Alpha is the exclusive distributor in Australia and NZ for a range of chemicals for anodising and colouring aluminium from Alufinish GmbH, world leaders in the anodising and powder coating industry.

Proven expert technical advice to optimise the process: Alpha’s years of involvement and research in this industry have provided them with deep understanding of, and expertise in the optimisation of anodising process systems.

Reliable ongoing bath chemistry testing and analysis: Alpha’s fully equipped laboratory facilities and qualified, experienced staff offer a dedicated resource to help monitor the client’s production, provide solutions and meet any individual requirements.

Equipment sales, installation and technical support: Alpha provides sales, installation and ongoing technical support for a range of equipment including rectifiers, control equipment, transformers and colour interference units. Alpha is the exclusive Australian and NZ distributors for Munk Gmbh, one of the world’s leading suppliers of rectifiers and control equipment for electroplating, anodising and hard anodising.

Alpha’s factory in Sydney, Australia manufactures a wide range of inorganic and organometallic compounds used in many industries and applications, ranging from paint additives, flame retardants and fungicides to anodising additives, concrete stains and plant micronutrients.


Degreasing bath 

AlfiClean 139

A weak alkaline, ecologically acceptable degreasing agent for aluminium and aluminium alloys, AlfiClean 139 has low-foaming properties that make it especially suitable for immersion plants where aluminium substrates are transferred directly into an alkaline long-life etch bath without a rinse step after degreasing. AlfiClean 139 is especially suitable for the removal of grease, oil and wax as well as polishing pastes.

Electrolytic bright bath 

Alfiflex 490

An electrolytic brightening bath for aluminium, Alfiflex 490 contains no chromates and is therefore easy to use, especially in waste water treatment. It produces an excellent brightness and high reflection values provided suitable, homogenous material is used. 

Caustic etch bath 

Etch Additive AC-698/200

The E-6 AC-698/200 is a liquid long-life etching additive for the production of alkaline E-6 etching for decorative surface treatment according to DIN 17611. The additive formulation is free of chlorate, nitrate, nitrite and chromate, producing a matt, fine-grained and uniform surface finish at normal process parameters. 

Alfisatin 357

This alkaline long-life etching additive is specifically developed for superior performance when used on ‘difficult-to-etch’ alloys. Surface irregularities due to special alloy compositions are safely and permanently prevented. 

Alfisatin 339/1

A special long-term pickling additive with strong foam-reducing and draining properties for specialised applications, it achieves optimal results when the aluminium content is greater than 140 g/l. Alfisatin 339/1 is also suitable for applications in spraying plants and shows even and finely matt surfaces at higher aluminium contents. 

Korrekturlösung 331

A newly developed additive for the improvement of the drain-off behaviour in E6 long-term picklings, Korrekturlösung 331 is highly efficient even in low concentrations without negatively affecting the foaming behaviour of the pickling solution. The additive is added to the pickling bath if the pickling solution must be removed from especially narrow profile chambers while no additional rinsing with water or air is required.

Netzmittel A35/1

An effective wetting agent for alkaline aluminium picklings and long-term etchings, Netzmittel A35/1 improves wetting ability and rinsability with the created foam cover protecting against etch mist. Netzmittel A35/1 improves the rinsability of the pickled material without causing excessive foam development in baths already in use. 

Antischaum 36/3

A special, silicone-free defoaming agent developed for E6 long-term picklings into which tensides/ wetting agents from prior cleaning steps have been dragged and are therefore foaming, Antischaum 36/3 is used in small amounts to remove foam successfully. Antischaum 36/3 is especially adjusted to long-term pickling systems based on Alfisatin 339/1. 

Desmut bath 

Alfideox 75

An additive free of nitrates, chromates and fluorides, Alfideox 75 is used for the preparation and correction of a sulphuric acid clarifying and desmutting bath for aluminium and its alloys. 

Anodising bath

Alfinox 502

Ideal for regions with higher temperatures, Alfinox 502 can reduce required exposure times. Offering an anodising procedure with major advantages compared to conventional processes, it can be used at temperatures of up to 35°C and be employed in regions with tropical climate, without supplementary bath cooling. 

Alfinox 510

An anodising procedure with major advantages compared to conventional processes, it produces layers with excellent dyeing power and evenness. Alfinox 510 is a long-term anodising procedure, relatively unaffected by dissolved aluminium as high as 35 g/L. Since the aluminium concentration settles at approx. 25 - 30 g/l Al, a new preparation is not necessary. 

Netzmittel S30

An effective foaming and wetting agent for anodising solutions and other acid baths, Netzmittel S30 improves rinsability and reduces spraying losses considerably.


2 step colour bath

Stannous sulphate

A very pure, fine powdered form of stannous sulphate is available for the electrolytic colouring (2-step electrocolour and interference colour system) of anodised aluminium. In addition to dissolving very rapidly in acid, use of powdered stannous sulphate and a separate stabiliser such as Alpha’s AC-812 or Alufinish Alficolor 699 results in large cost benefits. 

Stabiliser AC-812

Stabiliser AC-812 is a liquid stabilising additive for electrolytic colour processes based on tin (2) sulphate. Excellent results can be achieved due to the improvement of the throwing power and the inhibition of the oxidation of Sn (2+). When using AC-812, the electrolyte remains clear without white Sn (4+) deposits, significantly reducing the frequency of cleaning of the electrodes, and negating the need for regular bath renewals. 

Alficolor 699

A stabilising agent for the preparation and correction of two step tin base colour anodising for shades from light to dark bronze, and black, it contains no cresol or phenol sulphuric acids, shows excellent stabilising properties and produces deep brown shades with a slight red cast. 

Korrekturlösung 600

This neutralises the damaging reduction in throwing power and colouring ability of 2-step electrocolour baths based on stannous sulphate, caused by nitric acid contamination. 

Alfisteel bath 

Grey/ Stainless Steel colours

Alficolor 680

A ready-to-use concentrate for the preparation and adjustment of an alternative two-step-colouring procedure based on nickel for colour shades ranging from light to mid grey, Alficolor 680 causes the produced colours to show the typical ‘stainless steel finish’, especially when brushed or polished aluminium is used. 

Korrekturlösung 681

Korrekturlösung 681 is a supplementary top-up solution required to maintain the excellent colouring capability and throwing power of Alficolor 680 baths. 

Gold bath 

Gold/ Brass colours

Alphacol IG

This brand of Ferric Ammonium Oxalate is used in an aqueous solution to produce light fast gold shades on anodised aluminium, and is a very cost-effective and locally available alternative to the well-known Clariant Sanodal Gold 4N dye. 

Clariant dye baths

Sanodure Bronze 2LW

A granulated product used in aqueous solution to produce bronze colours in anodised aluminium, it is suitable for internal use.

Sanodal Deep Black MLW

A fine powder used in an aqueous solution for producing black colours in anodised aluminium, it is suitable for internal exposure and some external applications with careful attention to manufacturer’s guidelines. 

Sanodure Grey NL Liquid

A liquid product used diluted to produce grey colours with a slight brownish tinge, on anodised aluminium, it is suitable for internal use. 


Seal bath

Alphaseal MT-150

Achieving significant economy in operation while providing reliable and effective sealing at medium temperatures, it can be used on a wide range of aluminium alloys, which have been anodised and finished as natural, electrolytically coloured or dyed with organic or inorganic dyes. These finishes can be bright or matt. 

Nickel acetate

Nickel acetate is often used to make up a pre-seal/ dye fixing solution for organically dyed anodised aluminium. Using a nickel acetate pre-seal prevents colour leeching by conventional seal processes, thus maintaining the colour intensity and preventing unnecessary contamination of the seal bath by dyes. 

Alfiseal 969

A newly developed liquid sealing additive without heavy metals, it prevents sealing deposits, and is especially remarkable for the reduction of the sealing temperature possible compared to conventional hot sealing. The sealed parts show a perfect and clean surface for a long time if continuous filtration and partial renewal are provided. 

Alfiseal 982/1 (Initial Product) | Alfiseal 982 (Replenishment Product)

A modern cold sealing bath for anodised aluminium, it reduces heating costs enormously due to the low bath temperatures. Alfiseal 982 may reduce the necessary bath volume due to the short duration of treatment. Offered in liquid form, Alfiseal 982 accomplishes all quality tests.

pH adjustment

Oxalic acid

Oxalic acid crystals are used to decrease the pH of Ferric Ammonium Oxalate (Alphacol IG) to optimal values. 

Ammonia 25% solution

Ammonia solution is used to increase the pH of Alphacol IG solutions, selected Clariant dye baths and dye pre-seal baths to maintain optimal performance of those solutions.

Acetic Acid 90%

Acetic acid is used to decrease the pH as required of selected Clariant dye solutions and nickel containing seal solutions.

After care products

After care products include cleaning and repair paint systems for anodised and powder coated surfaces. Alpha offers Alupolish cleaning and preservation polish formulated to preserve the decorative finish for a long time; cleaning erasers for the pre-cleaning of small anodised surfaces; Alficolor repair pens for patching small scratches and colouring mitre cuts on anodised surfaces; Alficolor sprayers to match metal parts to the 6 Euras colour shades; and Alficolor PLR repair pens for powder coated surfaces. 

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