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Alpha Chemicals  markets a range of micronutrients under the trade name of Alpha Chelates.  

A new invention, these micronutrients have now been formulated as ‘binary chelates’ offering several unique benefits.  

Binary chelates use not one, but two separate chelating raw materials exactly similar to those accepted by organic licensing firms as ‘allowed crop production inputs for organic farming’.  

An extremely high stability for binary chelates was achieved by employing two distinctly different chelating agents in one molecule.  

Modern horticulture and agriculture is about getting the best possible yields from available resources including water, herbicides, pesticides and most importantly, nutrients.  

Some soils are naturally deficient in nutrients. Even good soils give up nutrients to the crops grown. Where trace elements (micronutrients) are present in the plants, it means that they have been removed from the soils they grow in.  

These deficiencies in micronutrients have to be replaced for new crops to thrive.  

Alpha Chelates micronutrients bring precision to the application of trace elements in a form that provides maximum availability over the widest range of soil acidity.  

Alpha Chelates has developed binary chelates for Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese and Zinc through a deliberate, focused search for a product with very high plant availability combined with high chemical stability.  

The main function of chelates is to deliver micronutrients. However, they have other important benefits such as:

  • Increasing the solubility of micronutrients
  • Facilitating their transport to root surfaces and within plant cells
  • Ensuring ready ‘plant availability’

Plants are able to achieve rapid recovery from nutrient deficiencies because absorption of chelated micronutrients is efficient and quick.  

Additionally, since most of the applied micronutrients are actually absorbed, lower rates of application are required compared to inorganic salts.  

Typically, chelated micronutrients can be applied at just 20%-30% of the application rates of inorganic salts.  

Binary chelates are an important new development in the science of agriculture and have the following unique advantages:

  • They achieve extremely high stability preventing 'nutrient lock-up' through side-reactions with phosphate, carbonate and hydroxide ions in soil
  • The plant-derived chelating agents permit very rapid uptake and transport of the micronutrients through the cell membranes
  • The liquid chelates are miscible with water in all proportions allowing precise and economical application in diverse environmental circumstances
  • The chelates can be added to tank mixes of fertilisers and pesticides achieving economies in application costs
  • They can be used with confidence as ‘organic inputs’ because the raw materials used in their manufacture are the very same chemicals produced by plants themselves

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