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Biodegradable plastic material from Allviron

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Mater-Bi is a cornstarch based material produced by Allviron for use as biodegradable film.

Allviron uses this biodegradable plastic material to produce biodegradable and compostable collection bags that are used extensively across Europe to collect food waste from domestic and industrial sites for composting.

The biodegradable plastic material is fully certified and will leave behind no toxic residues in the compost.

Allviron can manufacture a wide range of films or bags including bin liners used in kitchens and gardens to collect organic wastes for composting.

The biodegradable material can also be safely used as tree guards, as the protective film will biodegrade over time, leaving only the supporting stakes to be conveniently collected and reused.

The Mater-Bi biodegradable material is also commonly used as packaging or covers for green products to complete the product’s eco-friendly credentials.

Mater-Bi is certified to AS4736:2006 and EN13432, the globally recognised compostability standards.

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