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No-energy cost glow products from Allure Glow International

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Allure Glow International  is one of the leading suppliers of glow in the dark products. With its head office in Williamstown Australia, Allure Glow International has agents and offices throughout Australia. The photo luminescent products supplied by Allure Glow International are of excellent quality.

After long years of development Allure Glow International has admission to photo luminescent pigments that are only one of its kinds for their performance, useability and cost effectiveness. Allure Glow International is one of the few companies in the world that addresses and produces a wide range of glow in the dark products. Combining artistic and safety aspects has been the primary focus of Allure Glow International. It has wide range of glow in the dark products that include over 120 products to meet all requirements of the customers, whether it is general or specific.

Allure Glow International has developed techniques that enhance photon-emitting crystals without emission of any radio active or toxic elements. The crystal when charged for even one minute of exposure offer light for a number of hours. After total discharge, the process is repeated without any deterioration or limitation in performance.

These crystal are first grounded to a powder pigment and then processed to form appropriate material that are integrated into a number of bases such as glass, compound plastics, ceramic glaze coats, resins, silicone bases, water based paint systems and solution based paint systems.

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